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Wolka releases reference for Indiana obsolete notes

A new book by Wendell Wolka, A History of Indiana Obsolete Bank Notes and Scrip, has been released as an e-book by the author. 

The 900-page book is available on either compact disc or flash drive. It is the first catalog on Indiana’s obsolete paper money issues in over 40 years. The last effort, co-authored by Wolka with Dr. Jack Vorhies and Donald Schramm, was published by the Society of Paper Money Collectors in 1978.

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The book is in the form of a PDF file, which can be viewed and printed using the widely available and free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. It can be searched by key word, phrase, or page number. It has listings for 36 percent more issuers (455), 197 percent more bank notes and scrip (2,838), and nearly 1,400 color images, 319 percent more than in 1978. 

New historical and biographical information has also been added to the listings and historical sections.  

Most importantly, the book offers full coverage of non-bank and private scrip issuers, two areas omitted in mass market catalogs on obsolete notes.

The book costs $34.95 with free shipping from the author at: Wendell Wolka, P.O. Box 5439, Sun City Center, FL 33573. Specify whether the format should be a CD or flash drive. 

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