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U.S., world notes, coins and stamps in April 8 auction

These four $20 Federal Reserve notes are among the 132 $20 FRNs to be offered at auction in one lot April 8, 2014, by Doyle New York. Three series of notes — Series 1828, 1934 and 1950 — make up the lot.

Image courtesy of Doyle New York.

U.S. and world paper money, coins and stamps will be offered at auction April 8, 2014, by Doyle New York auctions in New York City.

Out of the 216 lots, two offer a large quantity of notes and U.S. commemorative coins, for what the firm calls “instant” collections.

Lot 174 offers more than 130 $20 Federal Reserve notes in the following series and quantities: Series 1928 (16 notes), Series 1934 (76 notes), and Series 1950 (38 notes). The grades of the notes range from Poor to Uncirculated. The lot is estimated to sell for $3,500 to $4,500.

For coin collectors, a nearly complete collection of U.S. commemorative coins issued between 1892 and 1954 will be offered. The virtually complete collection of 137 coins (Lot 216) is missing only seven coins: the 1928 Hawaii Discovery Sesquicentennial half dollar; the 1935 Hudson, New York, Sesquicentennial half dollar; the 1935-D California-Pacific Exposition half dollar; the 1926-P Oregon Trail Memorial half dollar; and the 1939, 1939-D and 1939-S Arkansas Centennial half dollars.

Most of the coins are graded Mint State 60+, with a few at lower grades. The lot is estimated to sell for $6,000 to $8,000.

Lot viewing by appointment will be held April 4 to 7 at the firm’s offices located at 175 E. 87th St., New York City.

For more information about the auction or to make a lot viewing appointment, call the firm at 212-427-4141 or send an email to Lots can also be viewed on the firm’s website at

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