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U.S. and world stocks, bonds and historical documents to

More than 1,000 lots of U.S. and world stocks, bonds, autographs and historical documents will be offered at auction by Archives International Auctions on Oct. 21 and 26.

Lots 1 to 563 will be offered Oct. 21 in conjunction with the Wall Street Bourse, a new coin, paper money and stock certificate show in New York City. The auction will begin at 8 p.m. at India House, located at One Hanover Square, about two blocks from where the Wall Street Bourse will be held at the Museum of American Finance located at 48 Wall St.

Beginning at 11 a.m. on Oct. 26, Lots 564 to 1,167 will be offered in a mail-bid and absentee-bidding session. Live Internet and telephone bidding will be accepted for this portion of the sale, but no live gallery will be available.

For more information about the auction, contact Robert Schwartz of Archives International Auctions by email at, telephone him at 201-567-1130 or visit the firm’s website at

Some highlights of the Oct. 21 auction:

Stock certificate issued in 1926 for 10 shares of Rickenbacker Motor Co. (Detroit), company named for U.S. World War I flying ace and automobile race driver Eddie Rickenbacker, Lot 6, Extremely Fine.

Specimen stock certificate for aviation and airplane engine manufacturer Curtiss-Wright Co. (New York), no date, Lot 22, EF.

$1,000 specimen bond issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1894 to pay for a small section of land in the Oklahoma Territory known as the “Cherokee Outlet” and owned by the Cherokee Nation, Lot 52, EF.

Uncanceled 1869 stock certificate issued by the Planters Bank of Tennessee for 48 shares with 25-cent adhesive stamp on upper left corner, Lot 91, EF.

1801 stock certificate issued by the New Hampshire Turnpike Road for one share, Lot 124, EF.

1838 stock certificate issued by the Red Hook Building Co. for one share, designed in the style of an obsolete bank note, Lot 132, Uncirculated to Crisp Uncirculated.

Uncanceled 1876 stock certificate issued by the Franco-Texan Land Co. for one share, text in English, French and German, Lot 142, Very Fine.

1925 $1,000 specimen bond for Marshall Field & Co. (Chicago), Lot 158, EF.

Circa 1940 to 1960 specimen stock certificate for the Bank of Bermuda Ltd., Lot 189, EF.

1928 $1,000 specimen bond for the Guantanamo & Western Railroad Co. (Cuba), Lot 211, EF.

1889 $1,000 specimen bond for the Republic of Mexico Mexican Central Railway Ltd., Lot 248, EF.

Uncanceled 1892 stock certificate issued by the ammunition manufacturer Justin Projectile Co. (Jersey City, N.J.), for one share, Lot 313, no condition given.

Ink- and punch-canceled 1901 $500 6 percent first mortgage gold bond issued by the Yellowstone Park Telephone and Telegraph Co. (Bozeman, Mont.), Lot 333, EF.

Uncanceled 1897 stock certificate issued by the Yukon Mining Co. (Alaska) for 250 shares, Lot 355, EF.

Uncanceled 1919 stock certificate issued by Black Star Line for four shares, signed by Marcus Garvey as president, folded twice vertically for storage in envelope, Lot 404, VF to EF.

Some highlights of the Oct. 26 auction:

1924 stock certificate issued by the Baker Steam Motor Car & Manufacturing Co. for 2,000 shares, Lot 564, EF.

2000 specimen stock certificate for Inc., Lot 602, EF.

Circa 1940s specimen stock certificate for Toledo Scale Corp. (Ohio) for 100 shares, Lot 645, EF.

Circa 1920 to 1930 specimen stock certificate for United States Playing Card Co. (Ohio) for 200 shares, Lot 677, EF.

Uncanceled 1960 stock certificate issued by East India Irrigation & Canal Co. (United Kingdom) for one share, Lot 747, EF.

1922 $1,000 specimen gold bond for the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats & Slovenes, Lot 834, Uncirculated.

Circa 1900 to 1920 specimen stock certificate for the Conley Tin Foil Corp. (New York) for 100 shares, Lot 856, EF.

2000 specimen stock certificate for XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (Delaware), Lot 871, VF to EF.

Uncanceled 1903 stock certificate issued by Gold Sovereign Mining and Tunnel Co. in Cripple Creek (Colorado) for 1,000 shares, Lot 913, EF.

1892 stock certificate issued by the Channel Tubular Railway Preliminary Co. for five shares, Lot 1012, VF to EF.

1859 stock certificate for the Raleigh & Gaston Rail-Road Co. (North Carolina) for five shares, Lot 1098, VF-plus. ¦

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