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Toddler, cash and a shredder: Yikes!

The excuse “The dog ate it” has a new rival as an excuse to explain why something is missing. And this one is true: “The kid shredded it.”

The news that Ben and Jackee Belnap, the parents of a 2-year-old in Holladay, Utah, discovered that their son shredded the $1,060 that they had been saving made international headlines in the first week of October.

The Belnaps assiduously accumulated the money in a white envelope to repay Ben’s parents for University of Utah football season tickets. When they couldn’t find it, a frantic search ensued. Jackee Belnap finally found the cash in their shredder, courtesy of the precocious Leo, to whom there was no difference between the exclusive cotton-linen of U.S. currency and the regular paper he apparently so often observed mom or dad feeding into the machine.

But all is not lost. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing “redeems mutilated currency as a free public service.” All directions are on the BEP website where it says that the bureau receives 30,000 claims and redeems over $30 million of mutilated currency annually.

The Belnaps were told to put all their money into plastic bags and send it to Washington. They should have their money back in one or two years. They did not seem too upset. 

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