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SPMC to offer online interactive obsolete note database

The Society of Paper Money Collectors will soon offer members the opportunity to search an online interactive database of obsolete notes and scrip from across the nation.

The initiative was discussed in the SPMC’s first email newsletter sent Dec. 30, 2014.

Collector and author Wendell Wolka will discuss details of the project during the SPMC regional meeting at 8:30 a.m. Jan. 10 in Room W224F in the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The meeting coincides with the Florida United Numismatists convention at the convention center.

The online site is in the last stages of design and development and “is scheduled for its debut hopefully by Memphis in 2015, after ongoing beta testing and verification have been completed,” according to the newsletter.

The purpose of the online interactive database is to allow participants “to search for obsolete notes and scrip from across the nation as well as to report new examples of which they are aware,” according to the SPMC newsletter. “The goal is to have every note illustrated with detailed information. Users will be able to determine how many notes of any given design have been reported, how many notes are known, for example, from specific banks, cities, or states and will be able to do highly customized searches.”

SPMC will be actively recruiting members who will review newly reported listings for accuracy in order to assure highly reliable information.

Wolka served on the team working on this project and said he “enthusiastically believes that this site will become one of the most valuable benefits of SPMC membership for those interested in this highly complex and historic collecting area.”

The SPMC has been involved in the research and cataloging of obsolete bank notes and scrip for nearly 50 years. A large number of state catalogs have been published either directly by the society or in collaboration with others.

In addition to searching for information about notes, there will be opportunities to offer opinions on the identity of so-called “maverick notes” and other unusual notes that are reported.

Questions about the obsolete note project can be sent to Wolka by email at

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