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Spink Oct. 3 auction to feature British and Scottish

The Brian Ascroft Collection of British Banknotes and the Alasdair Macdonald Collection of Scottish Banknotes and other properties will be offered at auction Oct. 3 by Spink at the firm’s offices in London.

Ascroft has been a collector of many collectibles since a youth, including foreign coins his father would give him from his job as a cab driver. Ascroft states that about 35 years, while at a dealer buying a coin, he saw two £5 notes for sale bearing consecutive serial numbers but different cashiers’ signature. He bought the two notes and has collected British notes ever since.

MacDonald became a banker’s apprentice in 1952 at a branch of the Bank of Scotland in Troon, Ayshier. One of his tasks as an apprentice was to assemble bundles of notes; one day, he encountered what was to him an unusual note — “an old Treasury note” that routine practice would have required the bank to send to London “for Collection.” Instead, MacDonald purchased the note, beginning a lifelong hobby. That first note in his collection is among the lots offered in the auction, according to MacDonald.

For more information about the auction contact Spink by telephone 020 7563 4000, email it at or visit the firm’s website at

Undated (1902 to 1913) £1 note payable in gold issued by the Bank of England and signed by J.G. Nairne as chief cashier, Lot 2, Uncirculated.

Sept. 30, 1936, £500 note on the Liverpool Branch of the Bank of England, signed by K.O. Peppiatt as chief cashier, Lot 27, marginal Good Very Fine to Extremely Fine.

1925 to 1929 £1 Bank of England note signed by C.P. Mahon as chief cashier, Lot 46, Unc.

1941 £1 Bank of England note with vintage World War II purple overprint stating “withdrawn from circulation September 18th 1941,” Lot 67, EF.

Undated (195-) £5 Bank of England note signed by L.K. O’Brien as chief cashier, Lot 120, EF.

1991 to 1998 £10 Bank of England specimen note with serial number 1, signed by G.E.A. Kentfield as chief cashier, Lot 268, Unc.

1915 10-shilling Treasury note with Arabic overprint translating to “piastres silver sixty,” signed by John Bradbury as chief cashier, Lot 360, Good Fine.

June 24, 1723, £12 Scots note issued by the Bank of Scotland, Lot 503, VF, with “mounting paper at left, small hole in center, a taped tear at lower center and a 10mm tear along one crease.”

Nov. 15, 1962, £100 Bank of Scotland note, Lot 536, Good Very Fine, ink numerals in top margin.

Aug. 5, 1914, £5 note issued by the Clydesdale Bank Ltd., Lot 625, Good Fine.

Jan. 2, 1918, £5 note issued by the Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd., Lot 673, Crisp Good VF.

May 15, 1923, £1 note issued by the National Bank of Scotland Ltd., Lot 704, Very Good.

Feb. 20, 1922, £1 note issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lot 739, Good Fine. ¦

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