Paper Money

Quinn's offers collection of error notes, fancy serial numbers

A collection of more than 200 lots of U.S. paper money, from $1 to $100 notes and including errors and notes with fancy numbers, will go up for auction on Nov. 18 in Falls Church, Va.

The collection was amassed by a Virginia collector over a period of four decades.

Quinn's Auction Galleries Executive Vice President Matthew Quinn (no relation to the paper money cataloger Matt Quinn), said that the assortment includes small-size United States notes, silver certificates, and Federal Reserve notes.

Among them are a Series 1981 $20 Federal Reserve note completely missing the third printing, notes with gutter folds, and notes with board breaks.

The selection of fancy serial numbers is extensive and includes a matching pair of Series 2006 $1 Federal Reserve notes from the Richmond and Atlanta districts, each with the radar serial number 33733733; a pair of Series 1928 $1 United States notes with three-digit numbers; other radar and repeater notes; some notes with low numbers in all categories of issues; and sets of notes with consecutive serial numbers.

According to the consignor's heirs, the collector began in the early 1950s and continued his pursuit of coins and paper currency through the 1960s and 1970s. He was especially enamored of notes with special serial numbers, which he kept long after disposing of the bulk of his collection. Even in his eighties, he would go to the bank and get hundreds of $1 bills so he could go through them one by one.

The catalog will be available for viewing at The sale will be held at the gallery, 360 S. Washington St., Falls Church, VA 22046.

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