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Polish 10-zloty note protests Russian acts of aggression

Poland issued a new commemorative legal tender 20-zloty bank note on July 19 with a theme called “Protection of Poland’s Eastern Border.” The design is strongly anti-Russia and anti-Putin.

Images courtesy of the National Bank of Poland.

One can argue that no country over the centuries has endured more of Russia’s barbarianism than Poland, and it is something that the National Bank of Poland wants neither the world nor Poles to forget.

It issued a new commemorative legal tender 20-zloty bank note ($4.22 U.S.) on July 19 with a theme called “Protection of Poland’s Eastern Border.” It was made available for 130 zlotych each at 16 regional branches of the national bank and at its online store The issue limit was set at 80,000 pieces.

The face of the 150-millimeter by 77-millimeter issue printed by the Polish Security Printing Works shows the profiles of a Border Guard officer and a soldier of the Polish Army on patrol with binoculars and rifle, as well as a fragment of a map of Poland and a jet fighter that also shows through on the back of the note. The other images on the back are of the eagle that is the state emblem of the Republic of Poland, and a police helicopter flying over an eastern border post.

Security features include a two-color window thread and a watermark showing the seal of the National Bank of Poland. The value of 20 zlotych in the lower right corner uses optically variable ink. The Roman numeral XX is vertically hidden in the lower left and right corners of the two sides. In the central part of the bank note are graphic elements of a fragment of the image of the border post and the bank seal both visible only under UV light.

The note comes in a folder including text that pulls no punches. It denigrates the Russian Federation’s attempts at dominance and the Putin regime’s actions aimed at trying to rebuild the Soviet post-World War II empire. It also accuses Belarus and its dictator Alexander Lukashenko of using Belarus as a center of migration pressure by intentionally bringing migrants, mainly from Muslim countries and wanting to go to Western Europe, right up to the Polish border.

A translation of the Polish text reproduced in the weekly news magazine Wprost says, “Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of the Border Guard, the Police and the Polish Army, the activities of the regimes of Russia and Belarus are effectively stopped. Guardians of Poland’s security perfectly distinguish between real refugees and voluntary tools of aggression. The craftsmanship of the formations guarding the territory of our country was confirmed by resistance to everyday provocations, as well as by the humane and empathetic treatment of migrants, including those using violence.”

A 10-zloty coin with the same theme as the banknote was issued earlier this year.

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