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Police find fake Thai paper money in car on Burma/Thai border

Thai police search a vehicle allegedly used in the transport of fake Thai paper money. Three men, including a police officer, were arrested in connection with the forged paper money.

Image courtesy Chiang Dao Police.

Police in Thailand arrest three men in connection with counterfeit bank notes

Forged 500- and 1,000-baht notes of Thailand valued at 194,000 baht (nearly $6,000 U.S.) were found in a car during a police checkpoint Nov. 3 in the Mae Jan district in northern Thailand near the Myanmar (Burma) border, according to an article published Nov. 4, 2014, on the Chiang Mai City News website.

Three men, including a Thai police officer, were arrested and charged with possession of forged bank notes.

The three men also tested positive for drug use, according to the website. Police believe the men sold the forged bank notes or exchanged them for narcotics, according to the article.

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