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PMG reveals 2019 winners of registry set competition

A set of Disney Dollars from 1987 to 2014, short only 12 of the 173 notes possible, was one of three winners in the Best U.S. Set category in Paper Money Guaranty Registry Set competition for 2019. Winners were announced on Jan. 10.

Original images courtesy of Paper Money Guaranty.

A side effect of third-party grading is the chance for collectors to showcase their holdings and compete with others for recognition of “best sets.” 

The Paper Money Guaranty Registry now includes more than 12,000 sets. Every year PMG names its top collectors and collections. The 2019 winners announced on Jan. 10 illustrate the breadth of options for collectors.

A set of Disney Dollars from 1987 to 2014, short only 12 of the 173 notes possible, was one of three winners in the Best U.S. Set category. The lowest grade piece in the collection is graded Gem Uncirculated 65 Exceptional Paper Quality. 

Another winner in the U.S. category was a $50 Federal Reserve note district set of star notes from Series 1928 to 2013, with a few non-star notes and fancy numbers thrown in for good measure. The difficulty in locating older star notes is well-known, but when the high denomination factor is added in, as PMG says, trying to put a set like this together is an effort to admire, even if it is not yet complete.

The third standout in the U.S. category was the Consolidated Confederate Collection, in which only the three great Confederate rarities are missing — the $1,000 and $500 Montgomery issues of 1861, and the $5 Indian Princess note of that same year. 

There were also three winners in the World category: Bank of Canada, 1935 to Date, with Replacements; a collection of the issues of the People’s Bank of China, 1953 to date; and India, 1917 to date.

Finally, the three winners for Best Presentation were another collection of the People’s Bank of China since 1953; a set of 40 Japanese notes from 1872 to the present; and one from the United Arab Emirates beginning in 1973. 

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