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Pakistan 'scribble on paper money' campaign called off

Tahirul Qadri wrote "Go Nawaz, Go" on two currency notes on Sept. 14, and urged supporters to do the same as part of a campaign to increase pressure on the government of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, according to an article published Sept. 15 online at The Express Tribune, with the International New York Times.

But in less than 24 hours, Qardri called off the campaign after the State Bank of Pakistan said it was illegal to scribble or write on Pakistan bank notes, according to a story posted Sept. 15 on, a Pakistan-based television news channel.

Qadri, the leader of the political party Awami Tehreek, said Sept. 14, during an address to his supporters, “I ask 180 million people of the country to launch this movement and write ‘Go Nawaz, Go’ on every single currency note,” according to the Express Tribune article.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar warned Qadri “not to mislead people by asking them to scribble slogans on currency notes.”

According to the article, Dar said, “Scribbling or writing on currency notes is illegal and will render them useless.” He added that such notes would neither be acceptable as legal tender for trading of goods and commodities by the business community nor by banks.

“I urge people not to pay heed to such calls from those who have already inflicted incalculable loss to the national economy and are now trying to rob the people of their hard-earned money,” he added.

“The State Bank of Pakistan also clarified that any currency note which bears written, stamped, embossed or inscribed any slogan, statement or messages of political, religious or commercial nature ceases to be legal tender and loses its exchange value,” according to the article.

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