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Online museum showcases Florida national bank notes

These two Florida national bank notes are just two examples of the currency on display in a new online museum showcasing Florida paper money located at

Image courtesy of William Youngerman Inc.

A new online museum showcasing Florida paper money is now open.

Dealer and collector William Youngerman, of William Youngerman Inc. in Boca Raton, Fla., said it has been his dream “for years to build a money museum here in South Florida.”

Now, is the accessible museum he’s always dreamed about.

The new online site will make available to collectors and dealers information concerning money and banking in Florida from its earliest territorial period, up through the Great Depression scrip issued in 1933. Articles and interviews concerning Florida’s currency, in all its varied forms, will be featured on the site.

The website will also include information about Florida tokens, bank histories, stories of famous collectors of Florida’s paper currency, histories and photos of the many towns and banks that issued paper currency, and much more. 

In late 2013, Youngerman purchased a collection of Florida paper money that he said brought him closer than anyone else to having a complete collection of Florida notes. The combination of Youngerman’s Florida paper currency collection and his recent acquisition “now completes, for the first time in history, a complete collection of every town issuing national bank notes as well as every town issuing obsolete currency,” according to a news release from Youngerman.

Since he’s completed his collection of Florida notes, he said he decided to focus on a virtual museum online that, instead of a brick-and-mortar site, would be “more accessible to the world and would make it possible to be free for all to enjoy.”

“Numismatics has been very good to us over the last 50 years of being in the business,” Youngerman said. “Collecting has always been a passion with me and it is my hope that the museum will encourage others to get involved in this great hobby of ours.”

He describes the website as “still a work in progress with hundreds of more items going up every week.” All the notes displayed on the website are owned by Youngerman.

Youngerman said he is in the process of contacting museums and schools to “begin trying to link our site with others.”

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