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Norges Bank releases new 50- and 500-krone notes

Norway’s new 50- and 500-krone bank notes, equal to $6 and $60, were issued on Oct. 18 by Norges Bank. 

The new notes are the third and fourth issues in the bank’s latest series. The final one, a 1,000-krone note, will make its debut in the last quarter of 2019. The 100- and 200-krone notes were released May 30, 2017. The notes being replaced will remain legal tender for one year.

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“The sea’s importance for Norway’s business sector and economic prosperity” is the common theme of all five new notes. On the 50-krone note it is “the sea that binds us together,” according to Norges Bank, while the 500-krone issue focuses on “the sea that gives us prosperity.”

The Utvær Lighthouse in Solund dominates the face of the 50-krone note. It was built in 1900 and is at the westernmost point in the country. Norges Bank explains the significance of Norway’s lighthouses, describing them as cherished landmarks so numerous (there are 21,000 lighthouses and sea-marks along the coast) that they form an infrastructure that makes sailing safer. 

The pattern on the back represents a beacon from a lighthouse. A light wind is symbolized by the short rectangular forms and gentle waves in the organic pattern. At the top is the constellation Ursa Major.

Rescue lifeboats are the theme of the 500-krone note. The face shows the RS 14 Stavanger, a rescue ship launched in 1901 and designed by Norway’s most famous shipbuilder, Colin Archer. It served in the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue for 37 years and is being preserved as a museum ship. The society currently has 40 ships on call 24 hours a day.

The pattern on the back of the 500-krone note has an oil platform faintly visible on the horizon, symbolic of the contribution of the oil and gas industries to Norway’s economy. A stylized gas pipeline network is shown as a series of white lines, and a fossil is also depicted.

The head of an Atlantic puffin is in the upper-right hand corner on all notes in the series. The puffin and the value are part of the watermarks.

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