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Nicaragua issues commemorative note honoring poet

The Central Bank of Nicaragua has issued a commemorative 1,000-córdoba (worth the U.S. equivalent of about $34) bank note commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the death of the nation’s iconic poet Rubén Darío. The press release announcing the March 17 introduction of the note did not specify the amount printed. 

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The new note measures 161 millimeters by 67 millimeters and maintains the green color used on the first note of this denomination, a regular issue, released in January 2017.

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The commemorative note has a portrait of Darío, a large daisy, and a verse from his poem “Pax” (Peace) on the face. The back shows a dove of peace and another extract from “Pax.” The note uses optically variable ink in the form of a feather quill and ink pot within a paper scroll, microprinting, and a watermark. It also has ultra-violet and infrared properties. 

The design of the regular issue has Hacienda San Jacinto in Tipitapa on the face and Castle of the Immaculate Conception, Río San Juan, on the back. 

The 1,000-córdoba note is the country’s highest denomination.

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