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Man arrested by Italian police for having fake euro notes

On Oct. 21, 2014, Italian police arrested a man and seized 17 million counterfeit €5 notes, (approximately $22 million U.S.), according to an article posted on Deutsche Welle website, Germany’s international broadcaster.

According to the article, Italian “police had spotted a man in a corner of a shopping center parking lot, ‘frenetically’ moving packages into his van from another vehicle,’ according to a [police] statement. Suspicious of his movements, they searched the van and found the fake banknotes hidden underneath stationery in 15 boxes. The banknotes ‘were a very good copy of the original and absolutely capable of deceiving most consumers because they successfully imitated the texture, the security band and the holograms,’ according to the statement.”

The man has been charged with intent to distribute, according to the article.

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