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Last Europa series notes to be issued

The European Central Bank will issue €100 and €200 bank notes, the last two denominations in the second or “Europa” series of euro notes, starting May 28. The notes are called “Europa” because they have a portrait of the so-named figure from Greek mythology. 

European Central Bank officials say that the inclusion of the ancient goddess is an acknowledgment of the name of the continent and that it adds a “human touch” to the notes.

The new issues retain the styles and themes of their predecessors but are updated by Reinhold Gerstetter, an independent bank note designer from Berlin. The European Central Bank describes his visual elements as more rounded and his bridges more three-dimensional. As one would expect, the security features are more sophisticated than those on the first series.

The green €100 note measures 147 by 77 millimeters. Its bridges and arches are imagined in the Baroque and Rococo style of the 17th and 18th centuries. The €200 is yellow-brown in color and is slightly larger at 153 by 77 millimeters. Its elements are in the style of 19th century European iron and glass architecture. 

The €200 note is the highest value euro note now being produced. Printing of the €500 bank note was discontinued, and all eurozone countries except Germany and Austria began withdrawing them from circulation on Jan. 27, with the latter two following on April 26.

The €100 notes make up 23 percent of all euro notes in circulation, second only to the €50. The €200 note, on the other hand, represents just 1 percent of all notes and 4 percent of the value.

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