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Jordan completes series with new dinar bank notes

The Central Bank of Jordan introduced of the fifth versions of the 10-dinar bank note (shown above) on July 26 and of the 5-dinar note (not shown) on Aug. 16. Their introduction completes a new series of bank notes.

Images courtesy of the Central Bank of Jordan.

The Central Bank of Jordan introduced fifth versions of its 10-dinar bank note on July 26 and 5-dinar note on Aug. 16.

The two new notes complete the series that also include 1- and 20-dinar notes.

All the notes have the same royal portraits as on the faces of the prior issues. The 10-dinar note has the portrait of the late King Talal bin Abdullah (1909 to 1972), in honor of his contributions to the kingdom. The 5-dinar note has King Abdullah I (1882 to 1951).

The backs show a Roman amphitheater and the Treasury in Petra, respectively.

The new bank notes will circulate alongside the existing fourth series of notes of the same value (10 dinars are about $14.10 U.S.).

Each note has enhanced security features and is described as of an enhanced quality that is “expected to prolong its lifespan in circulation, reducing the frequency of replacements,” the bank said in a statement.

Abdullah I was the first ruler of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, from its creation in 1946 until he was assassinated by a Palestinian nationalist as he was entering the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem for prayers on July 20, 1951. Abdullah I was succeeded by his son, Talal, who reigned from Sept. 6, 1951, until his abdication the following year on Aug. 11. Britannia attributes Talal’s short reign to a severe mental illness. He was followed by his well-known son, Hussein, who ruled from 1953 to 1999. Hussein was standing next to Abdullah when he was killed, but the bullet aimed at him ricocheted off a medal on his chest.

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