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Inside Coin World: Inside Warren Buffet’s wallet

Investor Warren Buffett speaks with President Barack Obama in this White House photograph. Columnist Gerald Tebben identifies what might have been in Buffett’s wallet at the time.

Original images provided by Gerald Tebben.

Every weekly and monthly issue of Coin World has content exclusive to the print and digital editions, including columns and features that appear nowhere else.

Here is a preview of three of those exclusive articles in the Dec. 16, 2019, issue.

Coin Lore: Looking inside Warren Buffett’s wallet

What would you find inside a celebrity’s wallet? In his “Coin Lore” column in the Dec. 16 issue of Coin World, Gerald Tebben asks and answers that question. Suze Orman reveals she carries $170 in crisp Federal Reserve notes.

As for investor Warren Buffett, his wallet contains a Series 1929 $50 national bank note issued by a bank that his firm, Berkshire Hathaway, once owned. One of the signatures on the note was from the banker who ran the institution for Buffett.

To learn more about celebrity wallets, and why the column depicts a photo of Samuel L. Jackson, see Gerry’s column, found only in the print and digital editions of Coin World. 

Varieties Notebook: Washington quarters dominate

John Wexler reports in his latest “Varieties Notebook” that Washington quarter dollars dominated submissions from readers finding doubled die varieties in circulation, replacing the perennial favorite, the Lincoln cent. In his current column, he features mostly quarter dollars, along with an American Eagle silver bullion coin. All were found by readers, either in circulation or in their collection.

Read John’s column, found only in the digital and print editions of the Dec. 16 issue of Coin World, to learn more about the latest discoveries and to see photographs of the coins. 

Numismatic Bookie: Comitia Americana medals

“Only two men have ever owned a (near) complete set of original strikes of the magnificent Comitia Americana medals, America’s first national citations for military valor,” writes Joel J. Orosz in his latest “Numismatic Bookie” column. One of those collectors is John W. Adams, whose collection (shy just one medal) was recently sold at auction.

In his column, Joel briefly explores the history of the medals, relates the harrowing pedigree of the complete collection once owned by George Washington, and examines the standard reference to the series, co-written by Adams and Anne Bentley. 

To learn more, read the Dec. 16 issue of Coin World.

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