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Series 1882 gold certificates in 2014 Heritage auction

Four very rare high-denomination Series 1882 gold certificates could bring a combined total between $2.5 million and $5 million when offered at the Jan. 8 to 11, 2014, Florida United Numismatist convention in Orlando, Fla.

Allen Mincho and Len Glazer, directors of currency auctions at Heritage Auctions, unveiled the notes at the Heritage table during the June 13 to 15 International Paper Money Show in Memphis, Tenn.

All four notes are from Series 1882 and all were redeemable in gold coin at the time of their issue.

The $500 gold certificate, Friedberg 1215d (Paper Money of the United States by Arthur L. Friedberg and Ira S. Friedberg), signed by Register of the Treasury William S. Rosecrans and Treasurer of the United States James W. Hyatt is unique in collector hands. The note bears serial number C13680.

One other $500 gold certificate of this type exists, held in the Federal Reserve Bank Collection. It bears serial number C11297.

A $1,000 gold certificate to appear in the auction, F-1218d, signed by Rosecrans and Treasurer J.N. Huston, is one of two known in collector hands.

Two other notes with the same Friedberg number are known — one is in the Federal Reserve Bank Collection with serial number C23727, and the Smithsonian Institution National Numismatic Collection holds one bearing serial number C23847.

A second $1,000 gold certificate in the auction, F-1218e, signed by Rosecrans and Treasurer Enos H. Nebeker, is one of only four known, with two of those in the Federal Reserve Bank Collection. The whereabouts of the remaining example is unknown to the collecting community, according to Heritage, but is currently being sought by the Dallas firm.

Another $1,000 gold certificate, F-1218f, signed by Register of the Treasury Judson W. Lyons and Treasurer of the United States Ellis H. Roberts, will also appear in the auction. This note is one of 10 known, with eight of those gold certificates in private hands and one in the Federal Reserve Bank Collection.

Allen Mincho, director of currency auctions at Heritage, said the firm is offering a $500 reward, in the form of a Series 1934A $500 Federal Reserve note, to the first person to come forward with information regarding the exact whereabouts of the F-1218e Series 1882 $1,000 gold certificate with serial number C24623.

According to the Heritage “wanted” poster handed out at the IPMS in Memphis, an image of the “missing” $1,000 gold certificate note was used to illustrate the listing in an out-of-print edition of the Friedberg book.

“There was no credit line in the [Friedberg paper money] book,” Mincho said. “We know it is not in the Smithsonian collection or the Federal Reserve Bank collection. We don’t know where the note is today.”

The four gold certificates will be offered in the Jan. 8 to 11 Heritage Currency Platinum Night Auctions conducted at the Orange County Convention Center, the site of the FUN show.

For more information about the notes or the reward visit Heritage Auctions online at; write the firm at 3500 Maple Ave., 17th Floor, Dallas, TX 75219-3941; or telephone Heritage at 800-872-6467. ¦

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