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George Fitzgerald Collection of military payment

The George Fitzgerald Collection of military payment certificates will be offered at auction during the 26th Annual International Currency and Coin Convention Nov. 10 to 13.

Fitzgerald, 78, died June 6, 2011, at his home in Fort Wayne, Ind.

The show is sponsored by the Professional Currency Dealers Association and will be conducted at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare in Rosemont, Ill.

Lyn Knight Currency Auctions will conduct the three-session auction offering world paper notes, American Colonial notes, Continental currency, Confederate States of America notes, obsolete notes, Depression scrip, fractional currency, small-size type notes and error notes.

For more information about the auction or to buy a copy of the catalog, contact Lyn Knight Currency Auctions, Box 7364, Overland Park, KS, 66027. Telephone the firm at 913-338-3779 or email the firm at Collectors can also view lots on the firm’s website,

Some highlights from the Fitzgerald MPC Collection:

Series 461 25-cent replacement note, Lot 1471, “light discoloration on the right end,” PCGS Currency Apparent Extremely Fine 40.

Series 461 $5 specimen replacement note, Lot 1476, PCGS Currency Very Choice New 64 Apparent, missing the upper right corner tip and mounting damage on the face.

Series 471 25-cent replacement note, Lot 1481, PCGS Currency Fine 15 Premium Paper Quality.

Series 471 50-cent replacement note, Lot 1483, PCGS Currency Very Fine 30 PPQ.

Series 472 25-cent replacement note, Lot 1490, “rust on the face but much more on the back,” PCGS Very Good 10 Apparent.

Series 481 50-cent replacement note, Lot 1503, “edge damage and missing piece at bottom right,” PCGS Currency Fine 15 Apparent.

Series 541 $5 note, Lot 1531, colors faded, PCGS Currency Choice New 63 Apparent.

Series 591 10-cent replacement note, Lot 1535, PCGS Currency VG-10.

Series 591 $1 replacement note, Lot 1537, PCGS Currency VF-20.

Series 591 $5 note, Lot 1538, Paper Money Guaranty About Uncirculated 55.

Series 611 $5 replacement note, Lot 1555, PCGS Currency Extremely Fine 45.

Series 661 $10 note, Lot 1584, PCGS Currency Gem New 65 PPQ.

Series 661 $20 note, Lot 1585, PCGS Currency Gem New 66 PPQ.

Series 692 $20 note, Lot 1609, PCGS Currency Gem New 65 PPQ. ¦

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