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Fiji releases Year of the Dragon commemorative bank note

The Reserve Bank of Fiji marked the Lunar Year of the Dragon with the release of a polymer 100-cent noncirculating bank note on Aug. 8.

Image courtesy of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji got a head start on the anticipated swarm of numismatic commemoratives for the Lunar Year of the Dragon with the release of a polymer 100-cent noncirculating bank note on Aug. 8.

The face of the predominantly red and yellow 145- by 70-millimeter note shows a red hibiscus alongside a color shifting version of the flower printed in optically variable magnetic ink. FIJI is rendered in intaglio printing. It also has fluorescent features and an intricate, three-part holographic window strip. De La Rue describes the window as surmounted with a wave pattern and the number “100” in gold with a pseudo relief effect.

It also has Fijian flora and fauna. The fish and coral motif uses depth and movement effects with the fish moving in opposing directions when the note is tilted left and right. It also has an interactive feature called “Spotlight” with counter rotating pyramid butterfly fish, which come into sharp focus under a point light, such as from a mobile phone. Under this is a golden pearl that changes with the viewing angle.

The back has a stylized dragon, surrounded by white and yellow clouds. Under ultraviolet light the dragon is in fluorescent yellow and green, with “Good luck in the Year of The Dragon” appearing under ultraviolet light. It also has the sun, nominal value, serial numbering, and the bank’s logo, a tagaga masthead. The tagaga was used by the ancient Fijians on their ocean-going, double-hulled canoes. They had a crucial role in holding the sails in place.

The note is for sale from the bank for forty times face value, $40 (Fiji), or $17.64 (U.S.). International inquiries should be sent by email to The print limit was 950,000 bank notes, available for international purchase.

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