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Farm crop vignettes on checks focus of check collectors'

The fourth installment in the “farm crops” series is featured in the most recent issue of The Check Collector, published quarterly by the American Society of Check Collectors.

Bob Hohertz writes about the use of farm crop vignettes on 19th century checks. Many of the vignettes feature men, women and children either holding or harvesting wheat, corn, grapes and other crops.

Michael Reynard contributes an article about women and check writing. Reynard writes that “checks with signatures of women as check writers or as witnesses on financial documents prior to 1900 are uncommon. A formal study of signatures from women on checks with large sample sizes is difficult to interpret because women often signed their name on checks with only the first initial of their first name.”

He offers as an example a check signed by Dolley P. Madison, wife of President James Madison, signed simply D.P. Madison. Without knowing her identity outside of her signature on the check no one could tell whether the signer was a woman or man.

In the first part of a series, Jim Adams writes about collecting Territorial checks, drafts and other fiscal paper. Peter Robin is requesting help with compiling his list of checks from Pennsylvania banks.

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