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Fancy serial numbers among focuses in Goldbergs auction

January’s second auction of United States paper money will be conducted by Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers in Beverly Hills, California, Jan. 27 to 28.

The Goldberg sale includes the Black Horse Collection of Rare Paper Money, described as a broad selection of U.S. large-size and small-size paper money, with an emphasis on lots that will appeal to both dealers and collectors. Dozens of the lots are expected to sell for less than $500 each.

The Friday session has 143 lots of fancy serial numbers, 20 lots of large-size type notes, 67 lots of small-size type notes, 50 lots of original packs of star notes from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and 50 lots of what the auction house describes as high-end small-size star notes.

The Saturday session continues with 263 lots of high-quality error notes.

Among the highlights of the fancy serial number offerings is a Series 1934A $10 Federal Reserve note with a serial number that is solid 4s: C44444444A. A large-size note from the same section is a Series 1899 $1 silver certificate, also with a serial numbers of a single repeated numeral: V1111111.

In the error note section is a Series 1996 $100 Federal Reserve note with an inverted third printing, which resulted in a major cutting/trimming error along with the inverted serial numbers and seals.

The catalog will be loaded onto the Goldbergs’ website, on or before Jan. 10.

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