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Fancy serial number notes among Lyn Knight offerings

The two-session sale by Lyn Knight Auctions in Rosemont, Ill., March 17 and 18 will feature a 593-lot world session and a second session with 799 lots of United States material from Colonial times to today.

The U.S. part of the sale features a harvest of notes with fancy serial numbers, especially in the large-size category. Foremost among the many, estimated at $35,000 to $50,000 is a pair of Friedberg 233 large-size Series 1899 $1 silver certificates from the same block with serial numbers B99999999A and B100000000A. Both are graded About New 58 Premium Paper Quality by PCGS Currency. Knight says that most such pairs have been broken up over time and that there are fewer than a total of 10 of these matched block pairs in private hands for all large size currency. 

Two other solid F-233 $1 silver certificates are offered, with numbers U99999999U and V99999999V, and a Series 1923 $1 silver certificate with A99999999E. 

All of the Friedberg $1 silver certificates are estimated at $10,000 to $15,000. 

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Two other notes with nine-digit numbers — a F-236 $1 silver certificate with M100000000A comes with an estimate of at least $30,000 in PCGS Currency Choice New 63, and a $1 Series 1917 United States issue (Fr. 17) bearing E100000000A in PCGS Currency Choice About New 58, estimated at $35,000. Knight says only four of these have ever been seen.

The 362 national bank notes in the auction are led by an F-587 Series 1902 $5 Red Seal note issued by the First National Bank of Steamboat Springs (Colorado). Despite its grade of Very Fine it is estimated at $20,000 to $40,000.

World notes

The British Commonwealth is well-represented in the March 17 world session including 33 lots from the Bahamas starting with George V and concluding with some recent hard-to-find $50 and $100 notes.

From Bermuda with a low estimate of $5,000 is a Gem Uncirculated 65 $50 note dated May 1, 1974. It is the key denomination in the series. 

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A British Caribbean Territories undated $20 with SPECIMEN stamped in red and punch canceled, without serial number and graded by PCGS Currency Gem New 66 Premium Paper Quality, is estimated at $4,000. 

Expected to surpass $10,000 in Paper Money Guaranty About Uncirculated 50 is a perforation-canceled Jan. 2, 1937, £1 specimen note from Cyprus with a serial number of zeroes. It is the last date of King George VI. 

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