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Bulgarian National Bank to release new 50-lev bank note

The Bulgarian National Bank put a revised 50-lev note into circulation Nov. 1. It joins the 100-lev note issued last year as part of a new series whose notes outwardly resemble the ones they replace but are significantly more sophisticated. 

The face has a portrait of the writer Pencho Slaveykov, fragments of the buildings of the National Theater and the National Library, and vertically printed texts of the face value in words and numbers. The back reproduces texts from Slaveykov’s works, a bird illustration from one of his books of poetry, a profile drawing of his partner the poet Mara Belcheva, and the face value as on the face.

The 136- by 76-millimeter note is brown and is on tinted paper that is varnished after printing. 

Its new features include a mark for visually impaired people of four thick and seven thin lines at an angle along the short sides; a hologram stripe that, when the note is tilted, reveals alternating images of a bird and the mythological figure Icarus; a color hologram portrait of Slaveykov; a book that changes color from gold to green; a “flame” dynamic effect that also changes from gold to green; and a 3D image of the number 50.

A security thread is built into the paper and partially appears on the reverse with repeated light-colored text “БНБ 50” (BNB 50) and a flame that shifts from gold to green. The text is also visible on the face when the bank note is held up against the light.

A high-resolution watermark of Slaveykov’s portrait appears when the note is held up to the light. It can also be seen on the back.

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