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British pundit polls public on preferred bank note portraits

The Bank of England’s next £50 note will depict mathematician Alan Turing. A recent survey of British residents suggested Richard Branson would be a popular replacement in the future.

Original image courtesy of Bank of England.

Money Guru is a British financial website claiming to be where you can discover the path to financial enlightenment “with a bit of help from a purple-robed financial guru with perfectly- coiffed facial hair.” It has also decided, with new £20 and £50 notes in the Bank of England’s pipeline, to ask the British public, if it were up to them, who they think should be on their bank notes.

With 23 percent, Prince William edged out his father, Prince Charles as a replacement for the queen. Charles was tied with Prince Harry at 22 percent. Following them were Prince Phillip (1 percent), Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (10 percent), and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (8 percent).

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was the choice of 45 percent of those surveyed, to replace Winston Churchill on the £5. No other politician had more than 16 percent.
The top four authors to replace Jane Austen on the £10 were J.K. Rowling (28 percent), Enid Blyton (23 percent), J.R.R. Tolkien (21 percent), and Agatha Christie (18 percent).

A total of 52 percent want to see the satirical street artist Banksy on a new £20, although no one knows what he looks like, while 31 percent would like Richard Branson on the £50. Quite incredibly, tied in this category at 15 percent were Simon Cowell and vacuum cleaner magnate James Dyson.

The survey further disclosed that, even though they use the notes every day, 61 percent of people do not know who is on Britain’s notes nor why they are chosen.

The survey’s methodology was not disclosed.

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