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Birthplace of Karl Marx issues birthday local note

The 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx on May 5 is being hailed as a cause for celebration in his birthplace,Trier, Germany. It is also the impetus for an orgy of capitalist exploitation by the city that would have the father of communism doing flips in his grave.

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Among the souvenir standards being offered adorned with his image are key chains, coffee mugs, pens, postcards, art prints, magnets, and even cookie cutters. But Trier has taken it a step further — the city has printed a Karl Marx bank note with a face value of zero euros.

The face side of the note has a forward-facing bust of Marx with a frame of stars. The flag of the European Union is at top left next to the number 0. The words EURO SOUVENIR are at the bottom, the latter word split on two lines. The back of the note has a collage of famous European landmarks and the denomination expressed as €0.

CNN says the first run of 5,000 notes sold out almost immediately. Another 20,000 notes are now being printed to meet the international demand.

The note is available for €3 at Trier Tourism and Marketing’s online shop. The minimum order quantity is five pieces. 

Other Karl Marx memorabilia is also available for purchase at the site.

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