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BEP releases new style monthly production reports for early 2019

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing released February through April 2019 production reports for Federal Reserve notes, in the new format shown. The illustrated report is for the fiscal month of April.

Image courtesy of Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has finally released its long-absent monthly Federal Reserve note production reports for the period of February through April 2019.

A BEP spokesperson explained to Coin World in August that the reason for the extended delay was that the agency was in the process of changing its currency reporting system, including the appearance and readability of the reports. Once the transition was completed, it said, additional reports would be posted. Paradoxically, the May 2019 report, released a few months ago, was in the old format.

The new version is easier to read and understand, with shaded column headings clearly defining each note printed, the denomination, series, beginning and ending serial numbers, their suffix, and the sometimes confusing series letter (the first letter of the serial number), and bank letter (the second letter, indicating the Federal Reserve district).

Four additional Series 2017 $1 notes have been printed, all at the Western Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. They are regular issues for Cleveland (D district letter) and Richmond (E), and star notes for Richmond and San Francisco (L). The $1 notes only have one letter, for the Federal Reserve district, in front of the serial number.

New Series 2017 $10 notes, with the series letter prefix N, were printed in Fort Worth for Atlanta (F, regular and star notes) and Chicago (G).

Series 2017 $20 star notes with series letter prefix N were made in Fort Worth for the Dallas district (K) and in Washington for Richmond and Atlanta. No $20 notes for the 2017 series were reported for April, but that month reveals the first occurrence of the denomination designated as series 2017A. These have series prefix letter P. The April report showed only 320,000 star notes printed for Atlanta. Regular issues for Atlanta and St. Louis (H) were printed in May. All the 2017A notes were made in Washington.

Series 2017 and 2017A notes have the same Carranza-Mnuchin signature combination. The BEP has not officially explained what the difference is, or the reason for the change from 2017 to 2017A.

All other notes listed in the report had also been reported earlier. Nothing has been released so far covering June through September.

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