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Bank of Scotland shifts Sir Walter on upgraded note

The Bank of Scotland announced on May 29 that a new polymer £10 note will enter circulation in October.

The new issue will be printed by De La Rue and will be similar to the paper note it replaces, but a little smaller and with design and security modifications. 

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Scotland’s literary giant Sir Walter Scott will remain on the face, as he does on all Bank of Scotland denominations, except that he has been moved from the center to the right side. The bank’s headquarters building, “The Mound,” has been placed in a more prominent position on the left side. The Glenfinnan Viaduct, a 416-yard-long railway bridge made famous by the Harry Potter films, remains on the back, but a steam locomotive powered tourist train that strongly resembles The Jacobite, a real train that operates on that route, has been added.

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The note uses the same security features introduced with the polymer £5 note last October. The window effect has been incorporated into the actual windows of The Mound, and as with the £5 note, can be seen on both sides of the note. It also makes use of color-changing ink, and to assist the visually-impaired, the note has a “tactile emboss,” a series of raised dots.

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