Could Virgin Group’s Richard Branson appear on a bank note of Scotland?

Banking merger between Virgin Money and Scottish firm connected to bank note issuer
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Published : 07/02/18
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Richard Branson’s Virgin Group is a multinational conglomerate with dozens of entities, from airlines to media to a space tourism branch, operating under the Virgin name. Now, with the merger of financial services firm Virgin Money with the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group, will we also have Virgin bank notes? And will the never shy Branson the Mogul replace King Robert the Bruce on the Clydesdale Bank £20 note?

Clydesdale Bank is one of three authorized issuers of Scotland’s bank notes. The National, a Scottish daily, raised the concern about Branson in its June 21 issue. The BBC was quoted as reporting that any future bank notes would need to be discussed with the Bank of England and since the merger would take three years, no changes were imminent.

When asked, a Clydesdale spokesperson told The National, “There are no plans to phase out or change our banknotes at present.”

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