Demand finally picking up for Series 2013 $100 Federal Reserve notes

Notes printed for two more banks, both in the East
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Published : 03/05/18
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Demand is finally picking up for Series 2013 $100 Federal Reserve notes.

Exploring the source of a valuable hoard from the American Gold Rush era reveals almost endless possibilities. Also in this issue, what is a ‘full torch’ designation as it relates to coins?

They had already been reported for New York (B), Atlanta (F), St. Louis (H), and San Francisco (L).

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s monthly production report for December 2017 adds Boston (A) and Cleveland (D) to the list.

All notes have been printed at the BEP’s Fort Worth, Texas, facility. The first letter of the serial number is “M,” the letter after that is the district designator.

The report also shows 320,000 Series 2017 $20 star notes with the facsimile signatures of Steven T. Mnuchin and Jovita Carranza were printed for New York. Their serial numbers begin with “N.” These are the first of the $20 denomination.

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