Sri Lanka celebrates its 70th anniversary of independence with new note

Face design celebrates diversity while size, color, security features appear similar to regular issue note
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Published : 02/26/18
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A circulating 1,000-rupee note com­memorating the 70th anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence on Feb. 4 has been issued by its central bank. The new note, designed and printed by De La Rue, is the nation’s fourth commemorative bank note.

The size, color, and security features are similar in appearance to the regular issue note of the same denomination, but with some different images on the face.

While a butterfly is at the lower left of the regular issue, the new note replaces it with an anniversary logo called “Celebrating Diversity.” The center has images of four religious edifices: a Buddhist temple, a mosque, a church, and a Tamil kovil representing the Indian component of Sri Lankan society. They replace the Ramboda Tunnel, which, at 738 feet, is the island nation’s longest. Finally, the prefix of the note is “S70,” instead of “S.”

The vertically oriented back is unchanged. It shows a Malpadaya Netuma dancer and a Davul Bera drummer. On the top right is a guard stone with guardian deities.

The bank says that 5 million notes will be issued with serial numbers ranging from S70/1 000001 to S70/5 1000000. It is dated 2018.02.04.

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