Bank of Thailand to celebrate the life of the late king with commemorative notes

Backs will feature designs that tell stories of his life
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Published : 08/04/17
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The Bank of Thailand announced on July 20 that it will release a series of commemorative bank notes honoring the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The bank will issue 20-baht, 50-baht, 100-baht, 500-baht, and 1,000-baht notes in which the colors, sizes, and the portrait on the faces will be identical to the 16th series of bank notes, which are now in regular circulation.

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The backs will each feature another portrait of the king, along with images depicting the stories of his life, as follows (descriptions are from the bank):

➤ 20 baht: His early life.
➤ 50 baht: The king’s royal ceremonies and duties during the early time of his accession to the throne.
➤ 100 baht: His kindness through royal duties in rural areas.
➤ 500 baht: His wisdom and talents reflected through royal projects.
➤ 1,000 baht: The king’s late reign, characterized by his adoration in the eyes of the Thai people. 

The security features are identical to those on the 16th series but with a special feature on the reverse where the area around the portrait of the king will illuminate when viewed under ultraviolet light. 

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The commemorative bank notes will be issued into circulation on Sept. 20.

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