Series 2013 $100 notes being shipped to Federal Reserve banks

Notes first printed in October 2014 not expected in commerce until 2018
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Published : 08/18/17
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The long-unaccounted-for Series 2013 $100 Federal Reserve notes, first printed in October 2014 but never seen, will make their first appearance in 2018. According to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, deliveries to Federal Reserve Banks have begun. 

It will take time for the notes to be appear in circulation. A Federal Reserve spokesperson said that inventory is distributed to commercial banks on a first in, first out basis. Therefore, it will only be after all supplies of the Series 2009 and 2009A are exhausted that the 2013 notes with the Rosa Gumataotao Rios and Jacob Lew signature combination as U.S. treasurer and Treasury secretary will enter circulation (both individuals are no longer in office).

Distribution is based on the demand of each individual Federal Reserve district, so issuance will not be at the same time in all districts.

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Regular issue Series 2013 notes have thus far been printed for the New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco banks, as well as star notes for New York and San Francisco banks. 

BEP officials would not comment to provide an explanation for the delay, but speculation is that a decision was made not to confuse the marketplace so soon after the release of the Series 2009 and 2009A notes.

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Some Coin World readers and a few dealers were of the opinion that the reason for the absence of the Series 2013 notes in circulation was that they were used for the $400 million cash shipment to Iran in January 2016. This was apparently not the case.

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