New location, new name, new theme for the International Paper Money Show

Annual show moves from Memphis to Kansas City, and a theme that focuses on change
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Published : 05/14/17
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“Money 2017” is the name chosen for the first edition of the June 7 to 11 International Paper Money Show in Kansas City, Mo. For the last 40 years IPMS was usually known simply as “Memphis” (after its location in Tennessee) but with the change of venue, it is also taking a new outlook along with a new name.

We have plenty on the off-metal 1943 Lincoln CentsWe have plenty on the off-metal 1943 Lincoln Cents and on the origin of Q. David Bowers’ column: A reader wonders how much his 1943 cent struck on a dime planchet is worth, while a long-time numismatist wonders why the origins of two new bronze 1943 cents were revealed.

The Kansas City show will have a theme — The Past, Present and Future of Money. This reflects the reality that as collecting has changed, the International Paper Money Show has to change with it. The organizers therefore asked exhibitors to join in adopting the theme, and use their presentations to explore what can be learned from the past and how that knowledge can benefit the trade and collecting now and in the future. 

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The show is being held at the Sheraton Hotel at Crown Center, a self-contained entertainment and shopping complex long a centerpiece of the Kansas City landscape. It is a far cry from Memphis in ambiance and convenience — the convention center itself is within the hotel. In Memphis, the convention and hotel were linked via covered walkway and a dark corridor.

Just blocks from Crown Center is the Money Museum of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Among the highlights there are a serial number 2 Series 1928 $100,000 gold certificate, some other rare large-size gold certificates, and more than 500 coins on loan from the Harry S. Truman Museum and Library in nearby Independence. Admission is free. Hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 4:00.

A $5 discount coupon for show admission can be downloaded at the show website.

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