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Whitman calls for editors for obsolete note books

As it continues work on its multi-volume “Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money,” Whitman Publishing has put out a call for volunteer editors for states to be cataloged in future editions, including for Indiana.

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As it continues work on its multi-volume Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money, Whitman Publishing has put out a call for volunteers. The series made its debut in 2014, and eight volumes, each with 400 to 800 pages, have been published. Areas covered so far are devoted to the New England and South Atlantic states. Whitman estimates that it will take six more to complete the series and hopes to draw on the resources and knowledge of the collecting public to complete the massive project.

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In particular, volunteer editors are needed for the Middle Atlantic states, the Midwest, and territories, with particular emphasis on New York, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker says each state editor will work closely with the Whitman team to track down facts, answer questions, scrutinize the historical record, gather and examine images, and otherwise act as each state’s expert.

The volunteers, Tucker added, will join in a collaborative effort with contributors such as the American Bank Note Co., the American Numismatic Society, and the Smithsonian Institution, all of whom, along with private collectors and other institutions, have shared images. Dealers and collectors active in the market of buying, selling, or trading, he said, “can volunteer to analyze valuations and rarity ratings. Historians with knowledge of a particular state or region can review state, town, and bank histories, fascinating narratives that tell the hometown stories of America!”

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Obsolete notes are paper currency issued from 1782 to 1866, before the introduction of federal paper currency during the Civil War. During this time, more than 3,000 state-chartered banks released their own paper money in thousands of varieties. The aim of the encyclopedia is to study and illustrate each listed note in detail with information on grading, rarity, values in multiple grades, significant auction results, advice for collectors, and other guidance.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Whitman Publishing here. Volunteers will be credited in the books’ acknowledgments.

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