Popular Track & Price note valuing software expands to world notes

Pricing feature aims to save collectors time determining bank note values
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Published : 02/19/17
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Since 2001, knowledgeable collectors and dealers of United States paper money have considered the Track & Price software an indispensable best friend for the way it puts auction prices from nearly all sources, as well as census data, in one place. Now, the program’s creator, Sandy Bashover, has released a Track & Price program for world paper money. 

The software was three years in development and now has 1.2 million auction results, with more than 500 added daily. Since about half of world paper money auction lots have multiple notes, Track & Price lists each individual note in the lot and pro-rates a value for each note. Bashover says the pricing feature saves considerable time in determining the value of an individual bank note — a feature especially important because of what many consider the unreliability of world paper money pricing catalogs.

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As befits a program geared for multinational use, results can be searched in the user’s local language and currency. A demonstration copy of the software shows that it is simple to use and allows searching for a specific Pick number, and searching by all results for a country and Pick number. It also allows the results to be sorted by grade, note type, auction date, and individual catalog number.

A free trial is available here. 

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