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Movie prop money found circulating in Alaska

Movie prop money has been found in circulation in Juneau, Alaska. Similar prop money was found circulating in Missouri in November 2016.

Image courtesy of Juneau Police Department.

In November we learned that a few businesses in Independence, Mo., reported receiving counterfeit $100 Federal Reserve notes that were suspect because of the feel of the paper and confirmed with the use of detector pens. Only after that did shopkeepers realize that the bogus notes had FOR CINEMATIC USE ONLY and FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY printed all over them.

Anchorage‚Äôs Alaska Dispatch News reports that the scam has now spread to Juneau, where the police department is actively cautioning citizens to be on the alert for $50 and $100 denominations with the FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY warning printed on both sides. The department stated that over the past month it received nine reports of use or attempted use. 

The police said that, with the exception of the disclaimer, the notes may appear real without close inspection. The face of the note illustrated in the paper does look quite close to a real one, but the back is more of a work of fiction in which the dome of what is supposed to be the Capitol Building disappears into the clouds.

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