Will it be the one you can actually read or the one that is indecipherable?

Which signature of Steven Mnuchin will appear on Federal Reserve notes if he is confirmed?
By , Special to Coin World
Published : 01/29/17
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Jacob Lew’s real signature was so bad that he had to revamp it before placing it on Federal Reserve notes. Now, that of Treasury Secretary-designate Steven T. Mnuchin, while not worse, is just as illegible. In fact, CNN reports, he has already changed it.

The news network found a copy of Mnuchin’s divorce papers from 2014, upon which his signature was an indecipherable squiggle more reminiscent of the inscriptions found on the coinage of the Ottoman Empire than anything resembling English. The one on his recently released financial disclosure forms is entirely different and completely legible. Which one will be on the Federal Reserve notes, if he is confirmed, remains in doubt.

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Is Coin World so desperate that you have to quote a story from the Fake News Network CNN?