‘Microbiocidal silver nanoparticle coating’ the solution to filthy paper money?

Researcher in India believes silver can help disinfect germy paper money
By , Special to Coin World
Published : 01/16/17
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The Times of India says that a tech specialist in Bangalore has solved the filthy money problem. Rejani Krishnankutty, a medical nanotechnology worker, will discuss with the Indian government a proposal to put a “microbiocidal silver nanoparticle coating” on bank notes to disinfect them.

She said that she “found silver nanoparticle coating acted successfully against several disease causing micro-organisms like Staphylococcus aureus, E coli and pseudomonas which infect notes. Due to its anti-microbial properties, since ages silver has been used to make jewelry, water storage vessels and medicinal applications to heal wounds. Now, it has another use.”

She added that silver behaves differently as nanoparticles than it does in bulk, and, when it broken down as such, “it becomes even more efficient and effective against at least 12 species of micro-organisms.”

The practicality of the proposal was not addressed, although one reader commented that the same results could be achieved by exposure to ultraviolet light.

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