Stock footage company marketing video clips of BEP operations in 1920

Firm selling various video clips of Bureau of Engraving and Printing production
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Published : 10/31/16
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A nine-second promotional video from a service called Framepool offers a rarely seen glimpse of the currency printing process in the days of four-subject sheets.

The clip is one of several offered for sale under the subject heading “Bureau of Engraving and Printing / Money Printing Company / Washington / USA / 1920.” It shows the work involved in printing one sheet of currency, that if you look closely enough, you will see it is from the Third Charter Period of national bank notes. The scene is a far cry from the promotional videos put out by the BEP today and is a reminder of how far things have come.  

The video is one of 13 the firm, a stock footage agency based in Munich, with offices in the United States, Britain, Spain, and France, is offering for sale. Pricing varies from a low of $169 to a high of several thousand dollars based on the intended use.

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Other clips include ones showing plate engraving, counting, inspecting, and other aspects of the production process.

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