Which new denomination of paper money will Liberians use in the future?

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Published : 08/08/16
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The Central Bank of Liberia announced a revamp of its existing currency on July 27 and added a $500 note to the existing lineup of $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations. The Liberian dollar is the equivalent of 1.1 U.S. cents and circulates side by side with the U.S. dollar as legal tender currency.

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The design of the $500 note will differ from the others in that it will contain portraits of ordinary Liberians on the face as opposed to famous leaders from the country’s past. Liberian wildlife is portrayed on the back. The backs of all the notes include the seal of the bank with a Kissi penny, a staple of the traditional money category, as part of its design.

The designs of the other notes in the new series will remain the same as in the series they are replacing. 

The changes, according to a bank statement, are to keep with the bank’s “statutory mandate to at all times ensure that the integrity of the Liberian Dollar is uncompromisingly maintained.” The revamped notes will have new visible and invisible security features and be printed on higher quality material that provides longer life and lower porosity, according to the Central Bank of Liberia.

The notes are printed by Thomas De La Rue & Company Ltd. and will at first co-circulate along with the old notes currently in circulation.

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