Fighting paper money counterfeiters with mirrors (microscopic ones, that is)

German firm shows micro mirror technology for paper money at Banknote Conference 2016
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Published : 07/29/16
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Some new security devices for paper currency based on the concept of “micro mirror technology” were introduced at the Banknote Conference 2016 last May in Washington. They were developed by the German firm Giesecke & Devrient and its Louisenthal subsidiary. The micro mirror technology that two of the devices make use of involves the incorporation of microscopic mirrors into a note.

The first device is named Rolling Star LEAD, a security foil with microscopic mirrors technology. The foil is described by the manufacturer as making use of optical variable device effects including color shifts and three-dimensional images. Giesecke & Devrient calls the security foil different not only for its use of multiple techniques and innovations but also in the “intuitive” way it enables recognition. The firm says creating new 3D effects and adding vividness to enliven portraits are now possible. According to the firm, RollingStar LEAD’s dynamic effects can be recognized even in poor lighting conditions to allow for quicker authentication.

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Another device, the Galaxy Security Thread, also uses the microscopic mirrors along with color-shifting technology. Unlike a static security thread, the mirrors allow the appearance of movement and striking color shifting within the thread, and the effect is termed eye-catching by the manufacturer. The technology also allows for three-dimensional effects within the thread.

Also featured was RollingStar Registered, a technique that enables the security thread to be embedded into the paper during production of the paper. The integration of the window thread into the design of the paper enables identical-looking windows and 3D elements to be incorporated into every note.

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