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Female portrait for new $10 bill to be revealed soon

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said in an interview last week that a decision on what woman will be joining Alexander Hamilton in having a place on the $10 Federal Reserve note will be made soon.

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1. A new portrait

The long awaited announcement is almost here, according to MSN Money

Last week during an interview with PBS's Charlie Rose, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said that he's "close to reaching a decision" on who the female historic figure to be represented on a current piece of U.S. paper money will be. 

The decision was supposed to be made by the end of 2015 but was met with overwhelming public input that postponed the announcement. 

 "We've gotten millions of responses. We're getting close," Lew told Rose.

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This currency redesign is first in a series of design changes that is aimed at eliminating counterfeits. 

A big story in 2015, the stories below will refresh your memory:

The $5 and $20 bills will both undergo design changes, as well, according to Lew. 

2. A penny down under 

A 1930 penny is featured in an upcoming sale in Queensland, Australia. Though it's not the rarest of bronze pennies, it carries with it a great story. 

"Australia’s bronze 1930 penny has gained both notoriety and popularity for its uncertain history," Senior Editor Jeff Starck writes.

No cold hard documents from the Melbourne Mint explain this issue, which feeds the legend already created. 

3. 150th anniversary of Monaco 

The high-paced and well-to-do lifestlyle that has developed in the country of Monaco is celebrating 150 years of existence with a new commemorative €2 coin

The obverse of the ringed-bimetallic coin shows Charles III in the right foreground, with a view of Monte Carlo in the left background. At the top is the name of the issuing country, MONACO, flanked by the Mint mark and the Mint master mark. At the bottom, in semicircle from left to right, is the inscription 1866 – CHARLES III FONDE MONTE CARLO – 2016.

15,000 of these coins will be placed into circulation on June 1.

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  • Gold: $1,215.00
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