Maldives introduces new series of notes into circulation

All of the new notes are printed on a polymer substrate
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Published : 03/04/16
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A new currency series of 10-, 20-, 50-, 100-, 500-, and 1,000-rufiyaa notes (the latter a new denomination) entered circulation in Maldives on Jan. 26. 

The notes are all printed on a polymer substrate in England by De La Rue and had been locked in a Maldives Monetary Authority vault since they arrived from England in September. 

Holders of the old series notes can use them until May and then will have five years to exchange them for new ones. 

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The new series commemorates the 50th anniversary of Maldivian independence and are called “Ran Dhihafaheh,” or “Golden 50.” They are designed to summarize the elements that define the country. Each note represents a different aspect of the nation and what distinguishes it from the rest of the world.

The yellow 10-rufiyaa note, showing an old drum from the National Museum, represents the culture of Maldives and importance of maintaining traditions. 

The 20-rufiyaa note is dedicated to industrial and economic progress and is purple to represent wealth. It shows the fishing industry, international airport and some cowrie shells. 

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The 50-rufiyaa note promotes unity and Islamic values and is green. It shows a boy reciting the Quran and a mosque. 

The red 100-rufiyaa note matches the national flag and stresses nationalism and the native language. It displays a pattern made from the old Dhivehi alphabet, a famous old Maldivan text and a woman in traditional dress.

The 1,000-rufiyaa note shows a green turtle on the face and whale shark on the back, with other design devices derived from sea life. The overall theme is “the beauty in our surrounding.”

The series was designed by Abdulla Nashaath, a 30-year-old artist who says the project took him forty days.

The 5-rufiyaa note is being replaced by a coin.

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