Bank of Canada to poll nation on selection of woman's portrait for new note

Government officials call for portrait on first note in new series
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Published : 03/11/16
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Finance Bill Morneau announced on March 8 that the Bank of Canada is asking the public to participate in the selection of a Canadian woman to be featured on the first note of its next series that will be issued in 2018. 

In a Bank of Canada press release, Morneau said: “In our country’s nearly 150 year history, women, with the notable exception of the Queen, have largely been unrepresented on our bank notes. In 2018, we will bring real change to a new generation of women who will carry with them constant reminders that they are not only Canada’s future, but a celebrated part of our history.”

The bank is inviting Canadian citizens to nominate women who they feel are deserving of this recognition. 

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From now until April 15, all Canadians can visit the Bank of Canada’s website to submit their nomination.

Criteria are as follows: The nominee can be any Canadian woman (by birth or naturalization) who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, achievement or distinction in any field, benefiting the people of Canada, or in the service of Canada. The nominee must not be a fictional character. The nominee must have been deceased for at least 25 years.

At the end of the nomination period, an independent advisory council composed of Canadian academic, cultural and thought leaders will review the submissions. With the help of subject matter experts and additional consultation with the public, the advisory council will develop a short list of qualifying candidates for submission to the minister of Finance. 

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