Clydesdale Bank of Scotland expands its use of polymer on its bank notes

Plalns new £10 note for 2017 release
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Published : 02/04/16
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The polymer trend continues in the United Kingdom as the Clydesdale Bank of Scotland announced on Jan. 23 that a £10 polymer note will go into production later this year and should be ready for circulation in 2017. The note’s face will continue to feature Robert Burns, the great Scottish romantic poet known as the Bard of Ayrshir and a national cultural icon, but with modifications in the design. Burns was chosen by a poll sponsored by the television network STV in 2009 as history’s greatest Scotsman. The back of the note will have views of Edinburgh and its famous castle.

The note was introduced by the bank’s chief executive officer, David Duffy, on the occasion of this year’s Burns Night festivities, annually held on Burns’ birthday, the evening of Jan. 25, when celebrations honoring him are traditionally held in Scotland and elsewhere. 

This will be Clydesdale Bank’s second polymer note, following the £5 note introduced last year. The bank is the largest of the three issuers of notes in Scotland, releasing around £400 million worth of bank notes each year.

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