Bond and stock certificates will be offered in a Jan. 30 auction by Spink in Switzerland

Certificate issued by the International Society for Color Photography among highlights
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Published : 01/25/15
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Spink’s Jan. 30 auction in Lugano, Switzerland, will offer stock certificates, one of which features a very large vignette depicting an artist’s studio complete with allegorical figures and a large-format camera.

The certificate was issued by the International Society for Color Photography (Societe Internationale de la Photographie des Couleurs) in Paris in 1898.

The certificate is signed by L. Dugardin as society administrator.

Below the vignette are busts of Joseph Nicephore Niepce, left, a pioneer in the field of photography, and Louis Daguerre, right, the French artist and photographer who invented the daguerreotype process.

The catalog description notes “some small needle holes and [a] fold” at the top left. The auction firm graded the piece Very Fine. It bears an estimate of 600 to 800 Swiss francs.

The catalog is available for viewing online. For more information, email Peter Christen.

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