Short-snorter signed by FDR and others at 1945 Yalta Conference sells for $1,000

1937 1-ruble Russian bank note in Archives International Auctions Oct. 25 sale
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Published : 11/02/14
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A “short-snorter” 1937 1-ruble Russian bank note signed by some participants of the Yalta Conference Feb. 4 to 11, 1945, sold for $1,000 Oct. 25 during the Archives International Auctions sale in conjunction with the Wall Street Bourse in New York City.

On the top right in the margin of the face of the note is the signature of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Other signatures belong to members of Roosevelt’s group of advisors and U.S. Secret Service agents.

The note was graded Choice About Uncirculated/Uncirculated.

A short-snorter is a note signed by various persons traveling together or who met up at different events, and the note records the meeting, according to the website

Roosevelt met with the heads of two other nations, Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain and Premier Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, for the purpose of discussing Europe’s post-war reorganization.

For more information about the auction, visit the AIA website.

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