Researchers author new book to help collectors enjoy large-size type notes

Carlson R. Chambliss and Gene Hessler published reference in July 2014.
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Published : 09/18/14
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The beauty, the history and the variety are often what attract collectors to large-size notes.

Now a new reference work focused entirely on large-size U.S. type notes offers collectors a deeper look at a popular collectible.

The Comprehensive Catalog of U.S. Federal Large-Size Notes, 1861-1929 by Carlson R. Chambliss and Gene Hessler, was published in July 2014.

But a whole lot of living precedes the publication of the book, beginning in 1974, when the first edition of The Comprehensive Catalog of U.S. Paper Money was written by Hessler.

At that time he was curator of The Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum in New York City.

That first edition, and subsequent editions, featured Hessler’s research into large- and small-size United States paper money.

During the four decades between 1974 and today, Hessler moved to St. Louis and became the first full-time curator of The Mercantile Money Museum in St. Louis.

The museum featured the Eric P. Newman Collection of coins, currency and money-related memorabilia. Hessler served as curator until 1988.

He eventually moved back to his hometown of Cincinnati and continued to research and write about paper money.

In addition to the Comprehensive Catalog, he’s also written five books including a memoir about his life as a musician and numismatist, titled Hey, Mr. Horn Blower and published in 2009, as well as numerous articles for Coin World and other numismatic publications.

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